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San Diego Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Welcome to my site and Congratulations on taking the first step in making a change for a brighter future!

I (Jamie) am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and look forward to guiding you on your journey to become the person, family or significant other you wish to be. I bring over ten (10) years of hands on experience and training working with individuals, children and their families. Serving in the role of Program Manager at a high level residential program in San Diego, I have provided hope when so many clients thought hope was gone. Guiding families in the goal of resolving emotional discord and promote healthy relationships. Coaching parents and aiding children in their healing process, the quest to understand and conquer challenging behaviors in a safe and loving environment can be achieved. Working with individuals by helping them navigate through their emotions and gain tools to succeed and shine and helping couples develop strong healthy bonds. Now, I would like to provide you with hope for a better tomorrow in my private practice. I will strive to help each individual, child, adolescent, couple and family develop the skills needed reach their goals. I looks forward to seeing how she can help you on your journey too!!
Wishing you a Wonderful Tomorrow,
Lydia (Jamie) Shorthill, LMFT