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Adoption Therapy

The adoptive child in a family unit….
So many people have amazing hearts and have opened their homes to young people through adoption and the foster care system (reference individual therapy of adoptive and foster child) in need of a loving family. Many times these amazing and resistant children come into their new home with difficult backgrounds that they must work through to successfully adjust to their role in their new family. Without help emotional outbursts and conflict often occur leading many families to believe that they are unable to handle the challenges of parenting these children. Family therapy works to help empower each family member and the family unit as a whole to create the lasting loving home that the children and their new parents desire. This process can be difficult and at time overwhelming. Family therapy can help the families create a peaceful and loving environment. Through defining family members roles, creating a safe and loving atmosphere and developing the skills to appropriately handle the emotions attached when creating this special family is the goal of the family therapy. I have extensive experience working with youth within the foster care system and the special needs that they require. Together we can develop your family’s tool box of skills to best equip your family members with the appropriate tools to make a wonderful tomorrow for your special family.