Family Therapy

Families come in all forms! There is no cookie cutter form but they should be the worlds strongest bonds. When a family is out of harmony every part of an individual’s life becomes more difficult and the world can seem overwhelming. In children and adolescents alike, their sense of safety and security are compromised which can lead to emotional turmoil. Members of families start to push buttons of each other and the smallest problems start to become instantly overwhelming. Therefore, family therapy works to heal the conflict and turmoil through helping with the adjustment to many family changes, unresolved conflicts, or simply better the structure of the family so it can be the best it can be. Family therapy focuses on patterns of interaction within the family that may be fueling the problems, conflict and feelings of discord. Family therapy places focus on the importance of relationships through the improvement of emotional wellbeing, the skills to nurture each member and personal and family development. Members in the family will create a toolbox full of skills to move towards a desired family structure. Respect for each person is key for any family, understandings of one another, and effective communication and conflict resolution skills are the key tools to happy and harmonious family but this is not always easy to achieve. With support and understanding, I help families reach their goal of a successful family unit. Allow family therapy to help provide a place to learn how to be a more healthy and harmonious family.