Military Counseling

The Military creates a world that can be difficult to navigate!

Although there are many benefits to serving as an Active Duty Member or being in the role of a supportive Military Spouse, this can be a very stressful life style that has many different challenges then that found in the civilian world. Therapy is a place to find compassion, support and understanding of this world where you can gain tools to succeed, process feelings and work through difficulties.

I have extensive experience working with the Military, their Families and supporting our troops as they prepare for deployment, adjust to new orders and/or work through the day-to-day struggles of life on and off the base. In therapy, an individual can find a supportive and safe environment to explore feelings, gain tools, and improve relationships with a therapist that has experience working within the Military culture. You will be supported in working to find solutions according to your personal values and lifestyle choices to help you achieve ultimate satisfaction in your life personally, professionally and within your family.

I look forward to helping you achieve a better tomorrow as you serve or support our Military.