Stepfamilies (aka Blended Families)

As the world changes, so do the faces of families. Families come in many kinds of combinations. Finding balance and peace in a step-family/ blended family can be very challenging. Many questions and concerns arise in these modern families such as: the role and relationships of a stepmother or stepfather, helping children and adolescents find harmony with the new family structure and how do the biological parents resolve to have a new step parents in the picture. Stepfamilies typically do not operate in the same manner as biological families although families try to put them in the same mold, but there are ways to make stepfamilies become the best that the can be with such tools as clearly defining the role of each parent regardless of their role in the family structure. Together we can create the tools needed to making it work. Boundaries, consistency and effective communication and parenting skills are the building blocks for a harmonious family. As sessions move forward, we may chose to hold sessions with the whole family or at times for a combination of specific family members, as needed. Creating healthy and stable stepfamilies can be challenging, but with support and tools to succeed a better tomorrow is possible.

*Please note – I do not provide services for custody situations, court order therapy, and/or mediation services.