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LJ Therapy Pricing Fee Structure

My rate is $120.00 per session. I accept cash, check or charge.

Sliding Scale: I do offer a sliding scale for a select number of clients, who currently cannot afford my fee. This is on case-by-case bases. Please contact me for more information and to discuss your situation, as nothing is more important then your mental health and well-being.

Insurance:I do accept the following insurance:



VA Choice


I do feel an obligation to explain the pitfalls of insurance. In order to bill your insurance, I MUST DIAGNOSIS YOU WITH A MENTAL DISORDER and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR INSURANCE. Everyone can use the safety and security of a therapist at some point in their life. This does not mean that you have a mental disorder or sick, but insurance companies do not see it that way. If you are seen under your insurance, I must diagnosis you as sick and am working towards a cure in order to bill. A mental diagnosis now goes in your medical record and can possibly make getting future insurance very expensive. Insurance companies read your reports, which I feel, COMPROMISES CONFIDENTIALITY! An insurance monitor will read your report and assess how well our work is going and decide if they are going to continue payment. I think how well the therapy is going should be something that you and I decide – not someone who doesn’t know either of us. For these reasons, I feel it is important that all clients understand the risks of insurance.