Steps Towards Positive Thinking

positive-thinkingAs our days become more and more demanding, negative thinking habits are easily developed. A tiny negative thought can and will transform into a monster of darkness detouring you from a bright future.

The good news is that a positive thought can and will transform into a vast garden of positive thoughts! With a little practice, one can combat negative thoughts and positivity can thrive.

Your journey towards positive thinking begins with noticing the use of trigger words. A trigger word sets a pathway for negative thinking and despair. Once used, these words create absolutes for negative outcomes, and therefore allows limited hope for a positive outcome.

So let begin on a brighter and more positive thought process.

Step 1. Identifying a Trigger Word

Look for the use of a negative word in sentence/ thinking. Examples of negative trigger words are as follows (but not limited to)

  • Always
  • Never
  • Can’t
  • Won’t

Step 2. Reframing the Thoughts

When a trigger word slips out- engage your sword of thought stopping! Conquer the words through smashing them and replacing them with a positive thought:

Examples of smashing negative thoughts are:

  • Always becomes I Have The Power to
  • Never becomes I Will
  • Can’t becomes I Can
  • Won’t becomes I Will

Catching and replacing negative thoughts takes practice. With perseverance, you will quickly begin to notice a more positive and bright future!

May all your days be filled with positivity!